Why choose us?

Midwest Moving company is your go-to moving company for anything you need moved!

Most moving companies don't provide the low rates that we do because they can't predict the stability of their business and have other fees they must account for. These fees might include truck insurance, the company shop, and marketing fees. However, the reason our rates are able to remain so low is because we use U-Haul for each move and use the owners home address as the company shop. This way, we can provide low rates regardless of the steadiness of our business!

You can call around for quotes but...

When we say low prices guaranteed, we mean it. When we say honest estimates guaranteed, we also mean it. There are several moving companies that give customers an inaccurate quote just to get their business. This leaves customers frustrated and causes them to lose trust in moving companies!  

We love what we do!

If you're looking for an honest quote along with a solid and friendly moving crew, we are exactly what you're looking for. We love what we do here at Midwest Moving and look forward to making your moving experience great! Contact us today!